Georgia finds her internal PD Warrior

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In June 2014 Georgia flew to Sydney to participate in the PD warrior course.

Pd warrior tm is an exercise program specific to Parkinson’s disease that aims to slow the progression of symptoms. It is based on the growing body of evidence that exercise is the best frontline defence for PD.  It is aimed at people who are newly diagnosed with the disease and are relatively fit and active.

At the intensive two day course, Georgia learnt the theory behind the PD warrior program and practiced the core exercises that are included in the program. She is now better equipped to complete a thorough assessment and set up a tailored exercise program to individuals newly diagnosed with PD.  A staff in service was completed on the topic and staff were educated on the theory and the emerging evidence around intense exercise and its impact on brain function. These principles were considered and incorporated into the development of the NRG exercise programs.

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